Terry Mun

Who is Terry?

A PhD student in molecular biology, mostly, but also an amateur photographer, recreational runner, whimsical writer, enthusiastic pixel baker, web designer and programmer. I used to keep Starbucks in business.

Where is Terry now?

I am currently residing in a lovely Danish city called Aarhus (pronounced ‘or-whose’), the geographical center of Denmark. It is the second largest city in the country, right behind Copenhagen. The photo above is taken at ARoS (the Aarhus Art Museum). Beautiful city, isn't it?

Oh, and I love to travel. A lot.

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With most of my time devoted to studying molecular biology, I don't do a lot of professional work when it comes to design or photography, but I still give my best shot.

LORE1 Resource Site

At the start of my PhD project with Aarhus University, I was tasked with designing a front-end interface that allows easy access for mutagenized plant lines for researchers across the world.

This project was my first experience working closely with database management and AJAX. A search feature with AJAX-powered suggestions allows users to search for plant lines of interest. The site also incorproates an order feature, where researchers can order plant lines of interest. Finally, a administrative backend was designed ground-up to allow for the project team to process plant line orders.

The design is based on a folding grid design established by Golden Grid System. It allows me to have tight control over the vertical rhythm of the design due to a rigid baseline grid yet a responsive, fluid and flexible horizontal columns.

The poster for GreeNTU campaign.

GreeNTU Campaign

I was the publication officer of Earthlink NTU in the first year of my university education. We were organizing an environmental awareness campaign titled ‘greeNTU’ in 2009, with the aim of improving awareness in the student body about the importance of recycling and good habits. Keywords belonging to different categories were colour-coded.

The poster design was inspired by a tutorial written by Chris Spooner.

A personal rework of the Gap logo

Gap? Yes please.

Remember the brouhaha that Gap stirred up when they redesigned their logo? I decided to rework their logo on a whim.

Thankfully, with some sorely needed common sense after the PR disaster, Gap decided to scrap the new design and revert to the old one, which I think in all honestly, looks a lot better.

Your Rainbow Panorama

On a sunny summer day in 2011, the air is awashed with the fresh smell of soil from a light afternoon rain. Touring the art installation titled Your Rainbow Panorama by Olafur Eliasson, an idea of taking a photo for each hue dawned upon me. The shots were overlaid and aligned properly. The limited number of shots also forced me to include some static photographs from the trip itself.

The background song, I Can Sing a Rainbow, was performed by Delta Goodrem.