Terry Mun

I am a PhD student in molecular biology, mostly — but also an amateur photographer, recreational cyclist and runner, whimsical writer, enthusiastic pixel baker, web designer and programmer. Sometimes clumsy.

I explore a myriad of decidedly different hobbies in my free time, beyond my professional endeavour as a molecular biologist.


I was introduced to the art of capturing images with light in high school, when I set my hands on a consumer-grade, 3-megapixel camera. I have never looked back since then. My parents bought me my first dSLR, a Sony A200, as a gift for starting university. Five years down the road, the camera served me extremely well — and now I am a content owner of a Sony A77.

Although I am most comfortable photographing architecture, landscape, still life and street scenes, I challenge myself with new themes and techniques now and then. A small selection of my best works are as follow:


I started my first (now defunct) blog on July 1st, 2007. It was the first door I opened that led me to the Internet, and probably played an indispensible role in moulding my identity as I know it today.

Occasionally, but not too often, idea strikes me. I pen my rambunctious thoughts on paper, and gather them into a draft in my free time, often weekends. I sleep over my ideas, just to make sure I appreiate the arguments from all camps. Then I start writing. And then I publish.

I don't typically choose topics to write on — but rely on drawing from what is left of my inspiration (if any) after my usual work hours as a PhD student. I don't boast a lot of articles under my belt, but I do give me best when I write one.

I also personally curate a few collections, notably one titled Coding & Design that has gained quite a little follower base since it was established. I do contribute to the collection from time to time.

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Frontend programming & design

I am proficient in frontend web design — HTML5, CSS3, jQuery… you name it. I have some experience in working with MySQL and PHP, too. I sparingly work with paid project due to my commitment to my PhD studies, but I do code enthusiastically in my free time.

Despite my busy schedule, I try to travel — travelling light, but often armed with a camera.
With little clue of what to come, I explore the world around me.

I am currently based in the second largest city in Denmark, known as Aarhus. It's quite a beautiful city — small and yet charming in every right of its own.

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