Valg 2015 in Data

A graphical representation of voting metrics collected during Denmark's national election of 2015.


The ex-prime minister of Denmarj, Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Photo by Tine Harden The Social Democrats

The then prime minster of Denmark and leader of the Social Democrats, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, officially announced the date for the Danish general election on May 27th, 2015. The election will be held on June 18th, 2015.

An overview

Before the actual election, late opinion polls showed that the red and blue blocks are surprisingly close. The close fight between the blue and red blocks is what dominated the news throughout the campaigning period, and the debacle persistent for the entire election day. However, as the vote counts for each parties are being tabulated at the end of the election night, the verdict was clear: the blue block had won.

Voting data across Denmark

The map of Denmark, by kommune, showing consolidated vote counts for each party, and other metrics.


Municipalities are based on the reorganized municipality system from 2007 onwards. GeoJSON data of Danish municipalities are obtained from here. Population data are based on the 2012 census, data available here.

Voting data for the national election of 2015 are manually scrapped from KMD. Data was retrieved on the June 20th, 2015, and may not reflect most recent changes in vote counts. I have tried my personal best to cross-check my data with other reputable sources, but discrepancies with the offical data may be present, for which the author should not be held responsible/accountable for.


Terry Mun

Data collected, charts designed, and text authored by Terry Mun, a molecular biologist working on his PhD thesis with Aarhus University, but also a photographer, coder, web developer and designer in his free time. He currently lives in the beautiful city of Aarhus, Denmark.

When asked, Terry would describe himself as politically apathetic in his teenage years, but is now sitting on the liberal camp.

You can find him on GitHub and Twitter.